The construction industry in the UAE can reduce the amount of waste produced on sites if it used precast concrete in projects.

Rahim Banizaman Lari, the founder and managing director of Araco, said that although precast concrete is more environmentally friendly than traditional construction materials, like wood or cement, it remains underutilised in the country.

Speaking with Construction Week, he said: "Precast concrete [...] is a solution to the problem of waste created during construction. And yet, it's barely used, with more than 70% of the buildings here in Dubai still built using conventional construction methods and materials."

Offering an explanation of why this is the case, he pointed out that consultants don't have the required budget to hire in-house engineers who specialise in precast concrete. He added: "Araco now has a separate designer who specialises in using precast concrete, but most consultants don't have the capacity."

To find out Lari's idea on how to address the problem, read Construction Week's exclusive interview with Araco's chief in issue 657, published on 27 May, 2017.