Dubai's construction industry continues to produce a significant amount of waste despite the various sustainability initiatives being introduced by governments across the country and the region.

Speaking with Construction Week, Rahim Banizaman Lari, the founder and managing director of Abdul Rahim Architectural Consultants (Araco), pointed out that there are different construction measures that can be adopted to make projects more sustainable – one of which is making use of precast concrete.

"Precast concrete, for instance, is a solution to the problem of waste created during construction. And yet , it's barely used, with more than 70% of the buildings here in Dubai still built using conventional construction methods and materials," said Lari.

While acknowledging that there are a number of factors keeping consultants and builders from introducing sustainable measures into their projects – including not having sufficient budget to hire engineers who specialise in precast designs – Lari said that providing incentives for green projects would help encourage consultants and builders to look into ways to reduce waste and energy consumption during and after construction.

For more on Lari's thoughts on incentivising consultants to design green, check out the video below, as well as his exclusive interview with Construction Week, in issue 657, published on 27 May, 2017.