Universal Lighting Technologies, commercial lighting provider and part of the Panasonic Group, announced it has added the Diversa sensor line to its range of lighting control solutions.

The Diversa line includes Ceiling Mount Sensors, Switch Mount Sensors, Corner Wall Mount Sensors, and Power Packs.

Diversa options include dual technology and passive Infrared (PIR) sensing products, as well as line-voltage (both 120-277VAC & 347VAC) and low-voltage products.

Dual Technology products combine ADI-Voice technology with PIR sensing to minimise energy consumption and provide accurate occupancy detection when compared to ultrasonic and basic PIR sensors.

Occupancy sensors by Diversa can be used for energy-saving control strategies in spaces with intermittent lighting requirements, such as classrooms, offices, washrooms, warehouses, and other commercial or industrial spaces.

Additionally, these sensors are to install and seamlessly integrate with other controllable lighting measures.

A press statement revealed that "most products in the Diversa line are equipped with photo sensors to inhibit turn-on when adequate natural illumination exists".

According to the statement, some products "also have dimming outputs for daylight harvesting, enabling dynamic control with varying degrees of natural light". 

Remarking on the development, Wally Creer, director of product management at Universal, said: "A sustained focus on energy efficiency requires products for all buildings and project types, even as more integrated lighting solutions emerge.

"To help facility managers meet their goals, Universal is committed to offering products which deliver market-leading performance with the convenience of easy installation and configuration flexibility."