The UAE's Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) announced it has completed installing the final condenser for Barakah nuclear energy plant's Unit 4.

Construction works for the project are 76% complete. 

Unit 4, for which construction began in 2015, is more than 38% complete. 

The condenser installation marks the last such development at the UAE’s first nuclear power plant.

Made in South Korea, the condenser features three sections, each measuring 27m in length and weighing 700 metric tonnes, the equivalent of almost two Airbus A380 jets.

The three sections were assembled next to the turbine building of Unit 4 using a system of hydraulic jacks and complex winches and rollers.

In a nuclear reactor, nuclear fission creates heat, which turns water into steam. The pressure of the steam turns a turbine, which then spins the generator that produces electricity.

A condenser cools the steam back into water, allowing the process to be repeated continuously.

Barakah's condensers are specifically modified according to the environmental conditions of the Gulf region, the ENEC said.

As per the regulations set by the UAE's Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation, the temperature of the discharge water must not be more than 5°C above the ambient temperature.

The condenser’s 85,000 titanium and super stainless steel tubes will have a volume of 6,000 m3 of seawater passing through them per minute when the plant begins to generate electricity.

"The successful installation of the condenser is a major milestone in the construction of the fourth unit at the Barakah nuclear energy plant," Mohamed Al Hammadi, CEO of ENEC, said according to WAM.

"The Barakah plant now has four of the region’s largest condensers safely and effectively installed."