An 8.8-tonne revolving door has been installed at Emaar’s soon-to-open The Address Boulevard Dubai.

At 4.5m in diameter and 6m in height, manufacturer Blasi claims that it boasts the largest height-to-width ratio in the world.

The Germany-based door manufacturer designed The Address Boulevard Dubai’s signature entrance to incorporate in-ground drive technology without compromising its ability to withstand high wind loads.

Details released by Blasi explained: “With a diameter of 4,500mm and a total height of 6,000mm, this door was an engineering challenge. On this project, in combination with the large diameter and the height to meet the environmental conditions, this turnstile weights 1,900kg.”

The complete door structure – including curved drum walls made from tempered and laminated glass, and a glass roof structure – weighs in at 8,800kg.

The revolving door took 45 weeks to design, and boasts a rotating speed of 0.7m per second.

“It is the first door of this height and width. There may be taller doors, but none with this ratio of height to width,” the Blasi release added.