Cofely Besix Facility Management (CBFM) have launched one of the first ‘zero carbon’ call centre and control room.

Powered by a Hybrid PV Solar installation that deliver solar energy on a daily basis, CBFM installed the panels on the roof of their Dubai operations office. The facility houses their control room, call centre and training room.

In addition to the solar panels, the hybrid system utilises batteries, enabling the use of clean energy overnight, as well as low irradiation conditions during the day. The system is expected to generate up to 42.92MWh of electrical energy and save approximately 25.27tCO2 over its life-span.

Bart Holsters, Operations Manager of Cofely Besix Facility Management, commented: “The initiative proves that the FM industry can become an active player in proposing PV Solar installations for small rooftop buildings.”

He added: “It also shows that the FM industry is best positioned to run PV Solar operations, and to maintain the plant, as it requires rigorous follow up to achieve best performance. The FM industry is best suited to this as it has vast experience in centralised and remote controlled MEP plants, optimising operations and performance.”

The levels of clean energy generated and tCO2 saved is measured in real-time via an online PV Solar performance software. The platform boasts a real-time performance follow-up by BMS operators, as well as condition-based programming that triggers when a soiling factor or technical fault occurs.

CBFM have additionally introduced the use of a SEAWARD PV150 test kit that complies with the commissioning system documentation, as well as being tested to the IEC62446 standard.

“Many businesses appreciate that their service provider uses renewable energy, and we decided to undertake the initiative, to inspire our customers and suppliers to ‘go green’,” added Holsters.