CCC expects its new Oman headquarters to become Muscat’s first LEED-certified building.

The Greece-based contractor, which is building the facility itself, is aiming to achieve a minimum certification of LEED-2009 from the US Green Building Council (USGBC).

Samir Thabet, CCC’s sustainability coordination manager, is confident that the project, which is due to complete before the end of 2015, will become the first LEED-accredited building in Muscat.

“CCC has adjusted this project with the USGBC to get the LEED silver certification,” he told Construction Week.

“Of course, this is still a work in progress, but we are aiming to construct the first project in Muscat with LEED certification,” he added.

The facility’s sustainable features will include: ultra-low flow fixtures, delivering 53% lower water consumption; high-efficiency HVAC and glazing systems, resulting in 28% lower energy consumption; an allocated area for the storage and collection of recyclables; CO2 sensors to monitor the building’s ventilation and improve air quality; and provisions to encourage environmentally friendly modes of transportation.

Nabil Hamdan, CCC’s vice president for power, renewable energy, and special assignments, said that the Sultanate base reflects the contractor’s sustainable commitments.

“The design of our new Oman HQ was conducted under our control,” he says. “We have dictated that the facility should reflect all of our sustainable commitments, including LEED certification. We are very proud because we financed this building; it’s our own.”