Eng. Mohsen bin Mohammed al-Sheikh, chairman of Muscat Municipality, chairman of the Board of Directors of Oman Wastewater Company (Haya Water) signed two separate agreements on June 14, 2015.

The agreements included awarding the works of construction for a modern sewage network in Madinat Sultan Qaboos (MSQ) in the Wilayat of Baushar (project B-5) and the project of executing package C6 of the sewage network in Wilayat of A'Seeb. The agreements were signed by the CEO’s of each executing companies, according to the Oman News Agency.

The cost of the MSQ project is about $20.7m (OMR8m). The new network will replace the current one, as well as additional networks along with the construction of a 14.5 km fiber-optic lines network. More than 700 properties will benefit from this vital project.

This project was awarded to the Oman Consolidated Contractors Company and its completion is scheduled to be within two year from the awarding date. Associated Consulting Engineers Company will provide all consulting engineering services for this project.

The cost of the project of executing the package C6 of the sewage network in A'Seeb was awarded to M/S Arab Contractors Company and National United Engineering and Construction Companies. The total of the project is about $46.7m (OMR18m) and the implementation will take two years from the awarding date.

Parsons International Company has designed the facilities. Pursuant to the agreement, there will be a construction of 65 km main lines for sewage drainage, in addition to house connections of over 98 km, that would benefit more than 3,500 properties, as well as the construction of fiber optic networks and connection ports.

Eng. Mohsen bin Mohammed al-Sheikh, Haya chairman, said: "Haya Water is proceeding in completing the networks of the Wilayat of Baushar as soon as possible because of the urban and development expansion it witnesses, in the hope of achieving the desired objectives of these mega projects."

He also added, "A'Seeb project is also important at the level of Muscat Governorate. Haya Water, believes that once completed, this project will reduce the contamination of groundwater as it is for the houses and installations near Al Khoudh Dam."

Haya Water is going to launch its first project outside Muscat Governorate in the near future in response to the Government's decision that Haya Water should provide its services to all governorates of the Sultanate, except Dhofar, mentioned al-Sheikh.