INTERMAT Paris 2015 may be a French show, but as its name suggests, it is one with a distinctly international flavour. After all, these are uncertain times for the European construction sector and many manufacturers are looking farther afield in a bid to diversify their respective customer bases.

As construction business unit director at INTERMAT organiser, Comexposium, Maryvonne Lanoë is acutely aware of the need to connect exhibitors with fresh markets. In a bid to secure some high-profile governmental attendees, therefore, she and her colleagues journeyed to the UAE in February.

“It’s important for us to cultivate links with institutions and authorities from across the world, and we are especially interested in the Emirates,” said Lanoë.

“I’m happy to report, therefore, that during our visit to the Emirates, we have secured the attendance of a number of high-profile public bodies, including Abu Dhabi’s Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) and Department of Economic Development (DED), and the UAE’s Ministry of Public Works (MOPW),” she revealed.

Speaking to PMV towards the end of her pre-show visit to the Emirates, Lanoë emphasised the importance of securing such visitors – not only for INTERMAT’s existing exhibitors, but also for the authorities themselves.

“Accompanying the [governmental bodies] to the show will be a selection of contractors and dealers from across the Emirates – and the wider Gulf – many of whom are involved with Expo 2020” she explained.

“Our guests, therefore, will have the opportunity to show the international construction sector how the region is growing, and the big projects that they are working on and have planned. The delegation will have a stand at INTERMAT, and its members will also participate in conferences to promote their construction activities.

“This, of course, will generate interest amongst global investors, many of whom will want to work in the Gulf,” she added.

Naturally, high-profile governmental representatives such as the MOPW, the DED, and the IDB will be music to the ears of manufacturers exhibiting at the Paris show, not to mention the contractors and dealers that will be in attendance. Indeed, Lanoë contends that contact creation represents one of her team’s core objectives.

“Our mission is to connect INTERMAT exhibitors with fresh markets,” she noted. “As you know, the European construction sector is complicated at this time, and to deliver fresh prospects – especially prospects from the UAE and surrounding countries – is very important. It is our job to bring the most attractive markets from around the world to Paris.”