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Dubai already has the tallest building, the Burj Khalifa; the biggest shopping mall (Dubai Mall); biggest manmade island (Palm Islands); tallest residential tower (Princess Tower); and the JW Marriott Marquis is the world’s tallest hotel.

The list of world records in the Emirate goes on and on. And by 2018, among no doubt a plethora of others, it will be able to boast at least one more in the shape of the largest manmade lagoon.

Crystal Lagoons has already flooded the pilot lagoon, which encompasses a 1.4ha site within the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City District One residential community. It covers a surface area of 14km2 with a depth of 2.45m and a perimeter length of 578m. Once fully complete through a series of interconnecting lagoons in 2018, it will cover 40km2, almost four times bigger than the world’s largest existing lagoon in Egypt’s Sharm El Sheikh.

The man tasked with overseeing the company’s first project in Dubai is CEO Kevin Morgan, who is confident the development will make a big splash in the Emirate. He said: “I think the ambition of Dubai marries up well with us because it takes someone that really understands that this can be done and that is willing to be ambitious to do the largest one in the world, which is what Dubai has set out to do. It serves us well here with this project because this will be the benchmark for the world when they see it.”

The company has developed an eco-friendly and sustainable technology that uses up to 100 times less chemical additives than conventional swimming pool systems and only up to 2% of the energy required for traditional filtration systems.

In addition, it uses up to ten times less water than irrigating an 18-hole golf course and can operate in any type of water, whether salt, fresh or brackish.

Morgan, who has been at the helm of Crystal Lagoons for the last three years, explained: “The technology is a marriage, it’s not one single facet. It’s a sustainable platform, but there’s two main components of it that are very powerful. One of them is our disinfection system. In a typical sized lagoon we have over 400 injectors that will be treating the water if and when it’s necessary.

“And then we marry that disinfection system up with ultrasound. There’s ultrasound that is fixed to the sides of the lagoon that emits a frequency into the water and it allows the suspended particles to begin to coagulate into larger particles and it simply sanitises and we remove the sedimentation from the lagoon.

“Therefore, being able to do that, you are avoiding mass filtration. You’re not having to circulate that body of water as you would in a traditional swimming pool X number of times a day. So there’s massive cost savings associated with that.”

A real estate guru for the last 18 years, Morgan revealed that, for the same cost of building one Olympic-sized swimming pool, he can build a 40km2 crystal lagoon – the equivalent size of 35 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

He said: “It’s the simple inventions that you sometimes scratch your head and say ‘I wish I’d thought of that’.”

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