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ARJ Water Technology’s leading men explain why H2O is as important as ever to the region and how their company’s products can make the most of it

Celebrating its 50th year in business, ARJ Holding and its water technology division can be considered something of a UAE institution. Beginning life selling pumps in a humble Dubai souk in 1964, the business served the water needs of the small villas and farms which then dotted the landscape of old Dubai.

The company has since grown in line with the wider region’s thirst for one of its scarcest resources and is now, as ARJ Water Technology, equipped with the answers to a vast range of questions wherever water is concerned.

“Our business model is very interesting,” says ARJ Holding president, Shahab Juma, “as we sell smaller pumps for villas worth around $100, but also $1mn or $2mn pumps for pumping stations that can service the whole of Dubai. We have some small showrooms across the GCC where we cater to individual customers and then we have project teams that sell to projects like Burj Khalifa.”

“We provide world-class water technology solutions that pump water, heat water, chill water, store water, filter water, treat water, move water, service water, and remove bacteria from it; that’s our whole focus,” Rory McCarthy, managing director of ARJ Water Technology adds.

“As a business we can provide a solution to the MEP industry that’s somewhat unique as we look at the water industry holistically and we look at what is changing in the market.”

This eye on adapting to future demands has led the company to look into products linked to solar and renewable energy, as well as considering the adjustment of its product offering to address the gradual depletion of the region’s water resources.

“We’re market-driven to provide products for the future. For example, one of the things that’s changing is water generation. As the water table disappears there is the need for independent water generation and for facilities that can manufacture water, so to speak. Those products have to be part of the future development of what we do as well.”

This desire to pioneer products in the region already sees ARJ Water Technology offer ultraviolet (UV), ultrafiltration, and nanofiltration systems capable of producing drinking water of the highest possible standard.

“The water you get from the municipality is quite good,” says Juma, “but once it reaches your building, you cannot really drink it. We have a solution where we can treat the water and the end-user gets water as good as a Masafi [branded bottled water].”

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