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Bristol Vehicle Manufacturing Division (Bristol VMD) has announced it has rolled out seven new fire-fighting and emergency response vehicles as part of a multimillion-dollar contract agreement with Gazprom Neft Badra BV.

Gazprom Neft Badra BV – a subsidiary of Russia’s fourth largest oil company Gazprom Neft – will deploy the new fleet of vehicles at its Badra oilfield project in Iraq, where approximately three billion barrels of oil are thought to be located.

Bristol VMD is a subsidiary of Concorde Corodex Group (CCG), which is itself part of the MH Al Mana Group of companies. Despite the fact that the contract was only penned in December 2013, the manufacturer’s senior executives have revealed that all seven vehicles have already been delivered to the Badra oilfield.

In order to fulfil the contract, Bristol VMD produced three different vehicle types. Altogether, Gazprom Neft BV has taken delivery of five oilfield fire-fighting vehicles, one rescuer and pollution-control vehicle, and a water and foam support trailer.

“The fleet of new fire-fighting vehicles will play an important role in our work at the Badra oilfield project,” said Alexander Kolomatskiy, managing director of Gazprom Neft Badra BV. “In fact, the contract we signed with Concorde Corodex Group stipulates the design, build, and manufacture of the seven new fire-fighting and emergency response vehicles, reinforcing our objective of managing emergency response as a part of our preparation to start Badra field production this year.”

The fire-fighting vehicles feature 6x4 MAN chassis and factory-built crew cabs. They can accommodate 8,000L of water, 2,000L of foam, and 500kg of dry chemical powder. The rescuer and pollution-control vehicle includes the same chassis, and delivers 3,000L of water, 500L of foam, and 500kg of dry chemical powder. The water and foam support trailer is towed by a 6x4 MAN tractor head, and can accommodate 25,000L of water and 4,000L of foam.

“The release of these seven new vehicles to Gazprom Neft Badra BV represents the strong focus that they have placed on the safety and welfare of their personnel in the Badra oilfield project,” said CCG managing director Mahmood Awad. “The new fleet of vehicles has been manufactured according to world-class safety standards and is equipped with the latest technologies – demonstrating our many years of experience in developing fire-fighting vehicles.

“Rest assured, users are safe and confident with the promise that our vehicles will provide maximum performance and can address any emergency situation at hand."