Finland-based Peikko Group, a provider of pre-cast concrete structures, has entered the Middle Eastern via a number of local partners.

The company recently tied up a joint venture in Saudi Arabia with major construction materials supplier, Al Rashed. Peikko Group is looking to bring its expertise, via a distributor in Ajman, to the UAE.

"The climate in the Middle East is very hard on concrete structures because of the risk of cracking," said Scharif Zantout, regional manager of Al Rashed Peikko. "Consequently, to avoid cracking, concrete needs to be specially treated in different ways with various chemicals."

With time becoming scarcer and handover dates becoming more rigid in the region's building market, companies that can deliver products when specified have a greater potential for long-term success.

Equipped with an R&D department that can develop new products or modify existing products to fit the needs of Middle Eastern customers, Zantout believes that Al Rashed Peikko could be one of those companies. "Where a very fast reaction time is required, pre-cast structures are always a good solution. Our R&D department develops great products that will, ultimately, improve the quality and quantity of construction in this region."