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Middle East countries bordering on the Mediterranean have begun to see sales of Scania trucks slow-down as the economies of Southern Europe continue to struggle.

The VW-owned truck maker said that it recorder net income of $354 million in the third quarter, a rise of 2% on the same period in 2010.

CEO Leif Östling, explaining the sluggish sales surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, said: “Customers have become hesitant about placing orders, mainly due to expectations of lower economic activity.”

Although Östling added that its sales were “at a satisfactory level” during the quarter in the Middle East, Russia, Latin America and northern Europe.

Scania said recently that due to economic volatility in Europe and the US and the slow-down of orders in some parts of the Middle East, it is revising current productivity plans and is likely to cull 900 of its 1,400 contract workers in the first quarter of 2012.