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Two of the leading oil companies in Kuwait are inviting members of the public to experience a road crash in an effort to improve road safety in the country.

The 'Seat Belt Convincer' machine was set up in a shopping mall in Kuwait City last week and over two days, there were hourly demonstrations of the machines, as well as on hand advice from staff providing tips and material on driving safely.

According to the Kuwait's Ministry of Interior showed 224 people were killed and 445 were injured in traffic accidents in the first eight months of 2010.

Kuwait Shell's chairman explained his company alongside the Kuwait Oil Company had launched the 'Seat Belts Save Lives' to reduce the rate of deaths caused by car users not wearing the safety straps.

"Seat belts are an important part of modern road safety and they save many lives each year. I would encourage anyone in Souk Sharq to make a point of visiting our stand and experiencing for themselves the difference seat belts make,” said Ahmed Mouti. “The purpose behind our campaign is to demonstrate the importance of seat belts. Most people believe that seat belts aren't quite necessary; however, statistics showed that 63% of people killed in car accidents were not wearing seat belts!"

He added: "Researches have proven that people in the age of 16 to 25 years are overwhelmed by their driving abilities, thus, vulnerable to a car crash. At Shell, road safety is considered one of our priorities, hence, we advise people to buckle up to reduce injuries on the roadway, in case of car accidents. We invite everyone who is interested to visit our stand to have a clearer understanding of the importance of seat belts to our lives."